Fortnite State of Development August 2018

Fortnite State of Development August

News from Fortnite! Changes across the board:

  • Controls (Gamepads, Mobile, Switch)
  • Weapon Balance
  • Building Effectiveness
  • Performance
  • Competitive
  • Mobile
  • Player Support
  • Account Security
  • Playground Updates

Some upcoming changes to weapon balance:

Evaluating shotgun equip time. The equip time was originally added to help combat rapid weapon switching. However, since the shotgun switch delay was added, equip times have less of a purpose.

  • We’ll be improving the Pump Shotgun so it’s a bit quicker to bring up, and we’ll be evaluating the other shotguns moving forward.

Clingers are a bit more effective than we’d like.

  • The behavior has been adjusted so that the second Clinger will fall to the ground in this scenario (v5.30).

The full list can be found at Epic State of Development


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