Fortnite v6.1 Leaked Skins

Spider Knight
Spider Knight (Legendary) – They’ll fall into your web
Arachne (Legendary) – Weave a web to victory
Guan Yu
Guan Yu (Epic) – Loyalty and bravery at all times
Onesie (Rare) – Smash that snooze button
Moonrise (Epic) – Strike at midnight
Web Breaker
Web Breaker (Rare) – Clear out the cobwebs
Guandao (Rare) – Sharpened for battle
Divine Dragon
Divine Dragon – Sail through the clouds, and row toward victory
Hatchling – Along came a glider
Long Legs
Long Legs – Stretch your legs
Spider Shield
Spider Shield – Spun from the endless strands
Loyal Shield
Loyal Shield – Dependable as always
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