Fortnite v6.2 Leaked Skins

Ruckus (Rare)
Ruckus (Rare) – Bring the bedlam
Instinct (Rare)
Instinct (Rare) – Victory comes naturally
Flapjackie (Epic)
Flapjackie (Epic) – Loves pancakes almost as much as victory
Shogun (Legendary)
Shogun (Legendary) – Suited for the ultimate showdown
Spooky Team Leader (Epic)
Spooky Team Leader (Epic) – Find delight in fright
Yee-Haw! (Epic)
Yee-Haw! (Epic) – Giddy-up!
Growler (Epic)
Growler (Epic) – This good boy is not afraid to bare his teeth
Kabuto (Rare)
Kabuto (Rare) – Sharp enough to cut through air
Poofy Parasail (Rare)
Poofy Parasail (Rare) – Puffed up and ready for landing
Pivot (Rare)
Pivot (Rare) – Primed to pivot with precision
Junkjet (Epic)
Junkjet (Epic) – It might just get you where you’re going
Jawblade (Rare)
Jawblade (Rare) – Clench victory between your teeth
Angular Axe (Uncommon)
Angular Axe (Uncommon) – Acutely obtuse
Splinterstrike (Rare)
Splinterstrike (Rare) – Pointy whichever way you point it
Jackspammer (Uncommon)
Jackspammer (Uncommon) – Swing it over and over and over and over
Goodie Gourd (Rare)
Goodie Gourd (Rare) – Yum!
Response Unit (Rare)
Response Unit (Rare) – Send a message
Reaction Tank (Rare)
Reaction Tank (Rare) – Pressurized
Bladed Wings (Legendary)
Bladed Wings (Legendary) – Wings with edge
Spike chamber (Rare)
Spike chamber (Rare) – Rusty and Trusty
Puncture Pack (Rare)
Puncture Pack (Rare) – Crusty and musty
Nibbles (Epic)
Nibbles (Epic) – Stuffed full of carrots
Woofs (Epic)
Woofs (Epic) – Already house-broken
Lil’Kev (Epic)
Lil’Kev (Epic) – Loves to play in the lake
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