Fortnite Names & Rare Skins Found in the V5.4 Files

Fortnite Names & Rares Skin Found in the V5.4 Files!

Wild Card
Wild Card (Legendary) “Pick a card, any card.”
Synth Star
Synth Star (Epic) “Ride a new wave to victory.”
Garrison (Uncommon) “Hold down the fort.”
Stage Slayer
Stage Slayer (Epic) “Crank it up!”
Hacivat (Epic) “From lore to legend.”
Field Surgeon
Field Surgeon (Epic) “Scalpel!”
Triage Trooper
Triage Trooper (Rare) “No one is beyond saving.”
Airlift (Epic) “Glide to the rescue.”
Safecracker (Rare) “Breaking in was the easy part…”
Hot Ride
Hot Ride (Legendary) “Burn down the road.”
Shadow Puppet
Shadow Puppet (Epic) “Play in the light.”
Care Package
Care Package (Epic) “Surgically precise.”
Gurney Gear
Gurney Gear (Epic) “Wheels up.”
Keytar (Epic) “The key to harmony.”
Kick Drum
Kick Drum (Epic) “Drive the beat.”
Crafted Carrier
Crafted Carrier (Epic) “Brilliantly bespoke.”
Cuff Case
Cuff Case (Legendary) “Always by your side.”
Crowbar (Rare) “Pry away.”
Flatliner (Rare) “Not on my watch!”
Lead Swinger
Lead Swinger (Uncommon) “Hit the high notes.”
Tree Splitter
Tree Splitter (Uncommon) “Make like a tree and split.”
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